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Bakery Menu

“Every Batch Made from Scratch”

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German Favorite Gluten Free Sugar Free Vegan Low Sodium diary free Contains Egg Contains Nuts

Hand-Crafted Breads

Sliced upon request.

Grau Brot German FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
A German Rye, dense texture with strong flavor (no caraway seeds) $4.75

Vollkorn Brot German FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
Whole grains, crispy crust, nutty flavor $4.75

Bauern Brot German FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
Farmer’s Rustic Rye (no caraway seeds) $4.75

Sourdough VeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
Traditional Style (available Tuesday & Saturday only) $3.75

Cheddar Chesse Bread Low Sodium 
Cheddar cheese baked inside and on top $4.25

Sheepherders VeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
French loaf with a hard crust and soft center $4.40

Sechskorn German FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
Six Grain with a dense texture, hard crust and nutty flavor $4.75

100% Whole Wheat Low Sodium 
Light, airy loaf with a touch of honey $2.40

Country White Low Sodium 
Best white bread you’ll ever have! (Friday, Saturday & Sunday only) $2.40

Sun Dried Tomato Dairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
Sun dried tomatoes and Italian spices make up this tasty loaf $4.25

Pizza Bread Low Sodium 
Our own marinara sauce, monterey jack and pepperoni $6.75

French Baguette VeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
Traditional long, narrow loaf with a crispy crust and soft center $2.25

Harvest Loaf Contains NutsVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
Carrots, raisins, walnuts and parsley in our six grain bread $4.25

A Loaves
Breads rising before going into oven
Cheese Bread
Cheddar cheese bread
Pizza Bread
Pizza bread
Honey wheat bread
Sourdough and honey wheat bread

Bakery Rolls

BrötchenGerman FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free 
Traditional German hard crust breakfast roll 55¢

Honey Wheat Low Sodium 
Just like our bread - delicious! 55¢

Cheddar CheeseLow Sodium 
Soft white roll with cheese on top and inside 55¢

Soft, flaky butter, croissant-like dough baked in a muffin pan (served with our soups) 55¢

Sweet Treats

Contains EggCinnamon Rolls ~ mmmm, yummy! $2.50

Contains EggContains NutsNut Rolls ~ Some folks call ’em Sticky Buns $2.85

Contains EggScones ~ Raisin Cream or Cranberry $1.35

Contains EggContains NutsBear Claws ~ Cinnamon crumb filling $2.85

Contains EggDanish ~ Almond Contains Nuts, Cherry, Apple, Peach, Boysenberry, and Cheese! $2.85

Contains EggFresh Fruit Danish ~ Blueberry, Boysenberry, Raspberry (seasonal) $3.25

Contains EggCroissants ~ Butter, Ham & Cheese, Almond Contains Nuts, Chocolate $2.00–$3.25

Contains EggGerman FavoriteBierocks ~ Ground Beef and Cabbage in a Baked Sandwich $3.25

Contains EggMuffins ~ Carrot Apple Walnut Contains Nuts, Blueberry, Bran, Pumpkin Contains Nuts, Raspberry $1.65

Contains EggVeganSugar FreeWater Bagels ~ Plain, Sesame, Cinnamon Raisin, Cheedar Cheese, Poppy, Onion, Jalapeño $1.40–$1.65
(Lox & cream cheese is available on any bagel)

Sugar FreeGerman FavoriteGerman Pretzels ~ Traditional favorite! Twists or Sticks $2.25

Contains EggCoffee Cakes ~ Serves 6–8 – Boysenberry, Cherry, Apple $5.85

Contains EggLemon Bars ~ An oversized citrus treat! $2.95

Contains EggContains NutsZucchini Bread ~ $7.25

German FavoriteStrudel ~ Apple – Nord Rhein Westfalian Style $2.85

Morning Pastries
Almond Danish
German Pretzels
Raspberry Custard Danish
Boysenberry Danish

Cold Case Delights!

Contains EggContains NutsEclairs $3.25

Contains EggContains NutsBrownies $2.95

Contains EggContains NutsCream Puffs $3.55

Contains EggTiramisu $8.00

Contains EggContains NutsCarrot Cake $6.50

Contains EggContains NutsGerman Chocolate Cake $6.50

Contains Egg8″ Cheesecake $35-$45

Contains EggMini Cheesecake $3.95-$4.95

Contains Nuts European style chocolate contains ground hazelnuts

Cold Case Delights
Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake
Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake
Custard-Filled Eclair
Cream Puff
Cream Puff


Mini Pies and 9-inch Pies contains egg icon

Caramel Apple Pie
Caramel Apple Pie
Mini Pie
Mini Pie

Seasonal items


Contains EggGerman FavoriteContains NutsNougat Rings ~ With whole baked hazelnuts $1.50

Contains EggGerman FavoriteContains NutsNuss Ecken ~ Almond triangles $2.50

Contains EggGerman FavoriteContains NutsNougat Taler ~ Nougat coins $1.50

Contains NutsFlorentina Lace ~ Thin and crispy almond cookie $1.10

Contains EggEveryone’s Favorites $1.10

Contains EggShortbread Cookies ~ with sprinkles $.75

Contains NutsWedding Cookies ~ a box of 12 $5.25

Contains EggGluten FreeContains NutsCoconut Macaroons ~ dipped in milk chocolate $1.50

Gingerbread Cookies
Snowman Cookies
Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread Cookies
Pfeffernuesse ginger fruit cookies

Bratwurst ~ Frozen Links to take home & prepare $2.75

Menu and prices subject to change

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