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Bakery Menu

“Every Batch Made from Scratch”

German Favorite Gluten Free Sugar Free Vegan Low Sodium Dairy Free Egg Free Contains Nuts

Hand-Crafted Breads

Sliced upon request.

Grau Brot German FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
A German Rye, dense texture with strong  flavor (no caraway seeds) $4.75

Bauern Brot German FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
Farmer’s Rustic Rye, slightly sweet (no caraway seeds) $4.75

Sourdough VeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
Traditional Style (available Tuesday & Saturday only) $3.75

Cheddar Chesse Bread Low SodiumEgg Free
Cheddar cheese baked inside and on top $4.25

Sheepherders VeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
French loaf with a hard crust and soft center $4.40

Sechskorn German FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
Six Grain with a dense texture, hard crust and nutty flavor $4.75

100% Whole Wheat VeganLow SodiumEgg Free
Light, airy loaf with a touch of honey $2.40

Country White Low SodiumEgg Free
Best white bread you’ll ever have! (Friday, Saturday & Sunday only) $2.40

Sun Dried Tomato VeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
Sun dried tomatoes and Italian spices $4.25

Pizza Bread Low SodiumEgg Free
Our own marinara sauce, monterey jack and pepperoni $6.75

French Baguette VeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
Traditional long, narrow loaf with a crispy crust and soft center $2.25

Basil & Barley Garden Bread VeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar Free
Basil, barley, black pepper, celery & onion $4.75

Harvest Loaf Contains NutsVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
Carrots, raisins, walnuts and parsley in our six grain bread $4.25

A Loaves
Breads rising before going into oven
Cheese Bread
Cheddar cheese bread
Pizza Bread
Pizza bread
Honey wheat bread
Sourdough and honey wheat bread
Z Loaves
Basil & barley garden bread and Vollkorn brot

Bakery Rolls

BrötchenGerman FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
Traditional German hard crust breakfast roll 55¢

Honey WheatVeganLow SodiumEgg Free
Just like our bread - delicious! 55¢

Cheddar CheeseLow SodiumEgg Free
Soft white roll with cheese on top and inside 55¢

ParkerhouseLow SodiumEgg Free
White soft roll folded and brushed with butter 55¢

Butterflake German FavoriteVeganDairy FreeLow SodiumSugar FreeEgg Free
Soft, flaky butter, croissant-like dough baked in a muffin pan (served with our soups) 55¢

Sweet Treats

Contains NutsNut Rolls ~ Some folks call ’em Sticky Buns $2.75

German FavoriteBierocks ~ Ground Beef and Cabbage in a Baked Sandwich $3.10

veganSugar FreeWater Bagels ~ Plain, Sesame, Cinnamon Raisin, Cheedar Cheese, Poppy, Onion, Jalapeño $1.00–$1.25
(Lox & cream cheese is available on any bagel)

Sugar FreeEgg FreeGerman FavoriteGerman Pretzels ~ Traditional favorite! Twists or Sticks $2.25

Contains NutsZucchini Bread ~ $6.55

Egg FreeGerman FavoriteStrudel ~ Apple – Nord Rhein Westfalian Style $2.75

Morning Pastries
Almond Danish
German Pretzels
Raspberry Custard Danish
Boysenberry Danish

Cold Case Delights!

Contains NutsEclairs $3.10

Contains NutsBrownies $2.75

Contains NutsCream Puffs $3.10

Contains NutsCarrot Cake $6.50

Contains NutsGerman Chocolate Cake $6.50

Cold Case Delights
Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake
Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake
Custard-Filled Eclair
Cream Puff
Cream Puff

Mini Pies

Caramel Apple Pie
Caramel Apple Pie
Mini Pie
Mini Pie

Seasonal items


Egg FreeCinnamon Crisps ~ A flat large round cookie $1.40

German FavoriteContains NutsNougat Rings ~ With whole baked hazelnuts $1.40

German FavoriteContains NutsNuss Ecken ~ Almond triangles $2.25

German FavoriteContains NutsNougat Taler ~ Nougat coins $1.40

Gluten FreeEgg FreeContains NutsFlorentina Lace ~ Thin and crispy almond cookie $1.00

Egg FreeContains NutsWedding Cookies ~ a box of 12 $4.25

Gluten FreeContains NutsCoconut Macaroons ~ dipped in milk chocolate $1.40

Gingerbread Cookies
Snowman Cookies
Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread Cookies
Pfeffernuesse ginger fruit cookies

Brats ~ Frozen Links to take home & prepare $2.75

Menu and prices subject to change

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Kohnen’s Country Bakery
125 W Tehachapi Blvd #D
Tehachapi, CA 93561, USA

6:00 am – 6:00 pm, 7 days a week
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Dec 26, & New Year's Day
Christmas Eve 6:00 am – 3:00 pm